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Kingdom Bound 2019: Changed Lives, Healed Hearts

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CLICK HERE to see photo gallery of Kingdom Bound 2019 By Rick Kern David was a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14), chosen by God to impact his generation with His will. Similarly, [...]


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Kingdom Bound 2019

News in photos

Campmeeting 2019. (Photos by Alex Boutakov Photography LLC)

News in photos

“Spiritually preparing teens for college. Connecting with a Campus Ministry” event at Christian Central Academy. (Photos by Alex Boutakov Photography LLC)
“Spiritually preparing teens for college. Connecting with a Campus Ministry” event at Christian Central Academy. (Photos by Alex Boutakov Photography LLC)

Education Corner with Dr. Ralph Kerr

  • Dr. Ralph Kerr, President of the Teaching and Learning Institute

    Redefining Educational Terms

    By Ralph Kerr One summer as part of my reading for relaxation I came across a list of medical terms that have been redefined to prevent a very different point of view. Some unknown author, [...]


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