An Interview With Pastor Kevin Stevens Of Greater Glory Revival Center

Pastor Kevin Stevens. (Photo by Alex Boutakov Photography LLC)

By Rick Kern

The Good News recently enjoyed an interview with Apostle Kevin Stevens who oversees Greater Glory Global and pastors its affiliated church, Greater Glory Revival Center. Stevens, a former deputy sheriff, has been led far and wide across the world fulfilling his apostolic calling. His global perspective is both thought provoking and insightful. We hope you enjoy the conversation as much as we did.

The Good News: With both apostolic and pastoral ministries, how are you referred to, and how would you describe your journey?

Apostle Kevin Stevens: Apostle Kevin Stevens, that’s what the Lord has called me to do in both function and office. But to be very honest, my desire is to be the servant of all, what Jesus described as true greatness in the Kingdom realm. I’ve pastored for several years and I was also in the prophetic office for some time and then the Lord put me into the apostolic ministry as my destiny and mandate from heaven. We have a vision from the Lord to raise up mature spiritual sons and daughters, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to teach, train, equip, and impart into the people of God and to demonstrate His power. Ultimately our desire is to make the Name of Jesus famous to the ends of the earth and to see both personal and corporate reformation for His glory. We’ve been led into nations for six years now and have been to South America, Africa, Australia, Cuba, Mexico, and Canada to preach the gospel and to deliver the word of the Lord.

The Good News: What was it like receiving such a unique calling?

AKS:  It’s interesting because when the Lord called me into apostleship and into the apostolic ministry, I actually didn’t want to do that. Being a pastor at the time, I knew I loved the people of God, I loved shepherding people and teaching the Word of God. I loved pouring into people for the glory of God. Then the Lord began to show me, he had called me into apostolic ministry. He had called me far outside the four walls of the physical structure of the church.

The Lord had revealed Himself to me in an encounter, where it shifted me down into my spiritual DNA. I went from resisting that and saying I just want to be in the house of the Lord, to fully embracing the call into apostleship. The Lord began to send me out to nation after nation, and He said, “I want you to be in My house, but also, I’m going to be sending you also throughout the U.S. We’ve traveled to California, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Ohio and many other states for His glory.

The Good News: As you minister here and throughout the various nations, how would you characterize the nature of your ministry?

AKS: We’re contending for reformation, for revival, and for awakening… The Lord said, “I’ve called you to carry, not only a ministry, but a movement for heaven.” Jesus said, “Let it be on earth as it is in heaven.” We’re seeing this happen all over in the nations, here in our region, and wherever He sends us apostolically. Our desire is to create habitation with the Lord where He can come, rest, dwell, and we truly host the Lord, His presence, and glory.

One of the most cut-rate words today is the word revival.  By today’s standards revival has become a cheapened term to say we want a movement of God but in our own way and timing.  Reformation is a key to see sustained revival come. Prophetically this is the season the Lord said to me that He is in His house with His measuring line calling for both personal and corporate reformation in preparation for revival and awakening. First in the house of the Lord then to every corner and crevice of culture and society. He is looking for a pure and mature bride firstly that can establish with the Lord the Kingdom of Heaven far and wide for His glory. One of the things I love and am continually learning about the Lord is His ability to take even our failures, sin, and broken seasons and when we respond to His Spirit and come before Him in repentance, He has the ability to both reform and restore us for His glory.

We also have a very big mandate for deliverance and seeing people cleaned out of old traumas, abuses, demonic strongholds, etc. Seeing the fragmentations of the soul where those things have been suppressed down. Seeing people where there have been demonic strongholds in their lives, those things being cast out of them and Jesus setting the people free for His glory! The Lord said to me, “My house is to be a place of releasing sons and daughters into destiny.” Part of that process is to allow the Spirit of God to bring wholeness to every part of our lives in accordance with walking out heaven’s highest destiny.

The Good News: When did you plant Greater Glory Revival Center and how does it mesh with the apostolic ministry?

AKS: The Lord gave me a vision for a church in 2013 while I had been pastoring. He gave me a blueprint from heaven to build from. We have Greater Glory Global, which is the overall ministry. We have the Greater Glory Revival Center, which is the first church I planted in December of 2016 after being released by Holy Spirit to do so. To the glory of God, we’ve just hit our two-year anniversary and crossed over into our third year as a church.

About the same time in 2013, the Lord launched me into apostolic ministry, and I began in Colombia, South America, then went to Argentina and Venezuela, and so on. He also brought me to Australia and to Africa multiple times, and just began to send me out and connect me with different leaders.

Another big part of our vision that is important is that we have been appointed to raise up the arms of leaders, to go in and prophesy over leaders, and encourage the vision that God has given them. And what I’ve found is that when the Lord truly sends you out you don’t have to force doors open, He is the One who opens doors no man can shut.

The Good News: Can you talk about your childhood and your salvation?

AKS: I grew up in the city of Rochester. I had a wonderful mother, but I came from a broken home, no father, always moving from place to place. I had some idea of who the Lord was, but I never really committed to Jesus Christ. My childhood was one of just constantly moving, trying to fit in, constantly going from school to school, place to place. There was a lot of brokenness and abuse that I had to walk through.

It wasn’t until I was 22 that I had an encounter with Holy Spirit. The Lord began to separate me out and began to remove certain relationships that were in my life and I was actually at the point where I was having thoughts of suicide. I’ll never forget it, I was living alone in the city of Rochester and I was in my bedroom by myself. I had an encounter with the Holy Spirit and He literally told me about and pointed me to Jesus and I committed my life to Christ right there in my bedroom. From that point on, I just began to walk with the Lord and serve the Lord. He began to transform my life.

The Good News: You’ve seen a vast and varied portion of the body of Christ. As the Spirit of God moves among the nations, have you seen Him move in the miraculous.

AKS: We’ve seen the miraculous for His glory. We’ve seen the Lord open deaf ears. He has healed person after person. We have seen Him move powerfully in deliverance — demons being cast out of people. We see signs and wonders and we see the Lord confirming the Kingdom by moving in power. But there is also an impartation when we go into a region, the Lord will say, “I want you to release this to the people.” We manifest His power. As Paul said, “I haven’t come with just enticing speech, I’ve come with demonstration of the Spirit and power.” We go in, we release the power, we release the fire of God, we release His healing power. The Holy Spirit is directing. We’ve come to empower and equip the people to move in the ministry with Jesus.

The Good News: What about the name, how did you arrive at “Greater Glory?”

AKS: Greater Glory Revival Center is the name that was given me, but the Lord came to speak to me from Haggai about the temple and how the Lord told the people, “Don’t focus on the former glory, because the glory that is coming will be much greater.” God is not calling us to build on a past move of God, or a past revival, or a particular way He moved previously. We honor that and we respect that. But we believe what Jesus said — He said, “The things that I did, you will do also, but even greater works.” There’s a greater glory, there are manifestations of Him, there is a movement of Him where He’s continually doing new things in accordance with the Word of God and with the Spirit of God. He wants to be able to manifest His glory in ways that we have never even seen.

The Good News: How about tomorrow — what does the future hold for you and Greater Glory?

AKS: In the future, we’re looking to glorify Jesus — that’s our motive and agenda. We’re contending for reformation right now because the Lord wants to clean out His bride. This is a season He is preparing His bride. The Lord said to me, “For the weight of heaven that’s coming, for the third great awakening that is coming, reformation must happen in the sons and daughters.” That means a full cleaning out. Where there’s striving, that must be cleaned out. Where there’s witchcraft that must be unveiled and dealt with. Where there’s impure agendas, sin, the religious spirit and mindsets, and all that brings defilement into the house of the Lord and within His body and bride.

The Good News: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

AKS: The Lord said to me that this season, is going to be the full breadth of Him. It’s not just going to be about healing, the prophetic, Bible teaching, deliverance, or the miraculous. It’s going to be the fullness of Jesus and the Gospel. That is all of His supernatural dimensions, the full package of Christ and heaven. Whatever is needed for His glory is what we’re about. Amen?!

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