Another Day At The Healing Rooms Of Greater Syracuse

Vince & Deb Aquilino, Directors of Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse, NYS and IAHR Region 1
Vince & Deb Aquilino, Directors of Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse, NYS and IAHR Region 1

By Vince & Deb Aquilino, Directors of Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse, NYS and IAHR Region 1

At the Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse, we ministered to a young mother whose ears and head were in intense pain. She said her pain level was a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10. She indicated that her hearing was badly impaired and that what she could hear sounded like she was underwater. She had become good at reading lips. As a child she repeatedly had ear infections due to a food allergy which had damaged her eardrums and subsequently developed scar tissue.

This woman had a “seer” gifting and was used to seeing things in the spiritual realm, so we asked her if we could share what we saw as we worked through our prayer session. We do not normally share such things directly with clients unless they are spiritually mature. If someone is not familiar with the prophetic gifts, it can cause the individual to become fearful. She replied, “Absolutely!”

Before we continue with this testimony, it is necessary to share some insight into how God communicates. God often communicates in either pictures or in words, and sometimes both. We see many examples of God speaking through His people in the Scriptures. As the sheep of His pasture, we are supposed to hear His voice. God is always speaking, but many of us miss it because we do not understand how He communicates. When the seer gift is in operation, we need to understand that what we see is a metaphor. For example, you might see what appear to be something wrapped around a person’s ankles. It does not mean there are actually bindings around the legs. God may be showing that the enemy is trying to hinder that person’s walk with God. When you see something, you need to ask the Lord what you are seeing, what to do with it, if the timing is right and if the Lord wants it shared with the client or just addressed through prayer. In this case, we were free to share what we saw.

As we began to pray for her, a team member saw a tight, metal-looking band around her head, wrapping around her ears. He had a sense that what he was seeing was the outworking of a curse, but he was not sure. He told her what he saw, and then we prayed some more. As we interceded, he saw the band loosen up ever so slightly. We asked her how her pain was, and she said that it was, “somewhat better.” We kept praying, but it would not release. The team member looked intently at the band and saw a word on the band. He asked if she wanted to know what the word was. (It is always good protocol to ask permission.) She said yes, and he spelled it out for her: CURSE.

We then explained to her that a curse not deserved would not light, but would return to the sender. When Jesus remarked, “Here comes the god of this age, and he has nothing in Me”, He was indicating that the enemy had nothing in His life to hang on to, no right to afflict him. We gently shared that if a curse was affecting her, there had to be legal ground. We asked if she had any un-forgiveness or some undealt-with issue that may have allowed the curse to light. She hesitated, because she was unsure at first. As we continued praying, the team member saw more words appear on the band. The words were “envy” and “jealousy.” We told her the words, and she said she thought she knew what it was. She had a sibling, of whom she was envious and jealous, because of her perceived favoritism on the part of her parents towards the sister.

We instructed her to ask God to forgive her for believing the enemy’s lie. Upon reflection, she realized that there had been no real favoritism. As she repented with her eyes closed, the team member saw the band slip off her head and fall around her neck. She was wearing it like a necklace. We again asked about her pain level, which she said was now vastly improved. She blurted out that she could feel the weight of the band around her neck.

We felt the Lord was not going to heal her completely during this session, because He wanted her to press in and speak to Him about this in an intimate way. Now that the enemy’s device had been removed, we asked God to completely restore what the locusts had eaten in whatever way He chose. We assured her that she would be completely healed. She left with a lot less pain.

The next evening, the team member and his wife saw this young mother at a public event. She was very excited. God had completely restored her hearing, and she had zero pain. She no longer had to read lips.

In a follow-up email, she said that she had monthly double ear infections from the time she was one year old until the age of 10.

“I had so many surgeries on my ears that I can’t even tell you how many. As a result of it all, it left me with half a eardrum in my right ear with only 50% hearing and a quarter of an eardrum in my left ear with 20% hearing.. I could not hear most men who spoke because they talk so low. I could not hear distances! For almost 32 years, this was my life. Praise be to Father God… NOT ANY MORE!”

God is awesome!

We must understand that God wants His children healed more than we want to see them healed, but healing is often a process. There may be stumbling blocks in the way of a complete healing that must first be removed. (Isa 57:14) This is why it may take multiple prayer sessions to see healing manifest. Healing can be like a door with ten dead bolts. As each issue, as a dead bolt (stumbling block) is removed, the door to healing is closer to opening.

The enemy is good at bringing discouragement. Oftentimes the individual receiving ministry does not return, because the enemy convinces them it is not God’s will to heal them. What a horrible lie of the devil! Another one of his devices is to convince the individual to lose faith in continuing to receive healing prayer. This also is a lie! God’s Word says that we are to keep asking, keep knocking and keep seeking until that door to healing opens. God says we will reap His promises if we do not faint. It is through faith and perseverance that we inherit those promises. By His stripes we were healed!

The Healing Rooms of Greater Syracuse are open Thursdays from 3:00 – 8:00 PM, 526 Old Liverpool Road. Bldg #2, Suite #7, Liverpool, NY 13088. (315) 395-9674.

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