Author Linda Breitman Continues To Take On Spiritual Identity Theft In Evocative New Book

Author Linda Breitman To Speak In New York This Week, October 10-13, 2018

“Miraculous Identity” by Linda BreitmanBy Rick Kern

A nationally recognized voice of women’s groups, faith-based ministries, and church-centered Bible studies — Linda Breitman, speaker, author, and minister, regularly holds seminars on Kingdom Identity, the Real You, and the Supernatural You. Her latest book, “Miraculous Identity,” is a somewhat revolutionary read that ignites a longing to reach deep within the heart of God, and a passion to live in the light of eternity.

Released in the autumn of 2018, “Miraculous Identity” is something of a companion volume to Breitman’s inaugural literary offering. She explains, “‘Miraculous Identity’ is my second book — my first book is called ‘The Real You,’ and it’s about believing your true identity.” Breitman continues, “With that book I asked the question: ‘If I could crawl inside your mind for 24 hours, would I have a good day?’ Most people do not have a positive, uplifting thought life,” she adds, “and the way you think reflects what you believe about your identity.”

Breitman reflects, “The first book is a workbook and a DVD set. It can be used as a Bible study and has been used in churches and ministry schools — it was endorsed by Graham Cook.” She adds, “It is very effective and interactive. It provides the reader with tools on building their identity through transforming their thought life by God’s eyes.”

In her second book, “Miraculous Identity,” Linda drills down into the passionate pursuit of intimacy with God. “People love to go deeper with God and many just don’t know how to get there,” says Breitman. “They want to have an intimate relationship with God. They want to be closer to God. They really want to hear and engage with God, but they just don’t know how to move into that deep kind of place.” Continuing Breitman clarifies, “So, this book is really designed to stir and move you deeper into God and have that intimate relationship with Him. It crosses that threshold in human existence and enters into the heavenly realms. It is about true intimacy with God, that’s the focus of ‘Miraculous Identity’ — to really shift your life into deeper intimacy with the One who created you.”

“Miraculous Identity” is not a spiritual “how to” manual or a “self-help” book. Instead, it is a penetrating read designed to stir a hunger in you. “It tells you about your intimacy with God as you go into the secret place,” says Breitman, “moving in the wind of the Spirit, and bowing low before heaven — that’s humility before God.” She adds, “Stepping into your miraculous identity, is really about trusting God in different ways so, this is the next step after ‘The Real You.’”

Breitman has been reaching out in loving ministry for years. Among her more notable efforts is an outreach called “Dangerous Women of God” which she launched during an eight-year season while she mentored young women in her living room. Today, she continues to hold “Dangerous Women” events to give her sisters a biblical understanding of the divine imperative that they are called to by God to embrace as women in the church. She is committed to helping women walk in the freedom of their full, mandated identity as believers — independent of dogmatic, doctrinal stereotypes.

Additionally, Linda has also served with “Redeemed Ones,” a Jail and Prison ministry in the Greater Denver area. She has also been featured on numerous radio and television programs, including the very prominent “700 Club.”

On top of this, Breitman finds herself traveling internationally, teaching carefully crafted sessions that are deeply interactive and designed to help people realize their true Kingdom Identity in Christ. With humor, sensitivity, and insight, she invites her audience to join her in uncovering “The Real You.” Interestingly, because of the depth and breadth of their rich interactive blueprint, these sessions have been labeled “identity therapy.” And whether she delivers one session or spearheads a complete conference, participants in Breitman’s summits leave encouraged, and with a more confident grasp of who they are in Christ. In addition to the other ministry efforts God has led her to, in 1997 she developed an intensive mentoring program that has produced alumni who have leveraged their skills to become successful parents, business owners, ministry leaders, and missionaries.

A native of San Jose, California, Linda has called some five states home: California, Colorado, Idaho, New York, (where she lived in the Big Apple), and Oregon. She actually gave her life to the Lord at just 11-years old, however, Breitman sought reality in all the wrong places and did not deny herself, take up the cross, and follow Jesus until years later in 1984. “I had an encounter with Jesus when I was 11-years old and I felt his presence come onto me so strongly,” she recalls. “And when I prayed for Jesus to come into my heart, He gave me a picture of Atlas with the world on his back and I saw the world being lifted off the back of Atlas.” Continuing she explains, “I did not understand it years later when I realized that was the weight of the world of sin and it was on my back until He lifted it off.”

With “Miraculous Identity,” Breitman has embraced a rare depth of transparency as she hangs her unclad soul on each line of the book. “After I wrote this book, I thought, ‘I feel so exposed and so vulnerable because of the things I shared,’” Linda says. “I wanted to feel vulnerable because I wanted to pull people in to a deeper relationship with God and set an example for them just to be real with Him. God is calling us to be real.”

While Linda enjoys her calling and loves helping bring others closer to the Lord, she is keenly aware that what she shares she paid serious dues to learn. “To be able to impact lives of other people there is a price to pay,” she explains. “It’s in the trials that you go through and overcome, and that’s where and when you go through the fire.” She adds thoughtfully, “When we go through the fire there’s so much that we’ve learned and gained and it’s out of those times that we’re to truly impart to others because what we are imparting is something that we carry inside. We’ve been there, and we’ve experienced it — we’ve conquered it.”

When all is done and said, it is the faithfulness of God that wins the day in her experience. “He is faithful even when we’re not,” she says, “He loves you extravagantly even though you are living wildly without limit and what you can experience with Him is really a wild God-adventure-ride.”

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