Author Maryann Berry’s Why Are You Sleeping?

Author Maryann Berry
Author Maryann Berry

A Spiritual Look at End Times Gives Readers a Roadmap for a Christ Centered Life

By Jennifer Lamey

In her second book, author Maryann Berry takes an in-depth look at the end times and what Christians should do to prepare, while still making the most of every moment.

Reverend Maryann Berry is the Dean and an instructor at II Timothy 2:16 School of Biblical Studies in addition to pastoring at John 3:16 Christian Center with her husband Reverend Wayne Berry. She and her husband are both ordained ministers through the Association of Faith Churches and Ministries.

In Why Are You Sleeping? A Spiritual Look at End Times Pastor Maryann looks at society through biblical lenses. She was prompted to write the book by the questions she received as a Pastor of John 3:16. She explains, “There are so many people who are constantly questioning, what’s going on, what’s happening in society? It seems like it’s escalating and people are living contrary to God’s way. The inspiration to write Why Are You Sleeping was to examine the time line of Jesus and the rapture answering questions like, are there real signs that these are the end times? What do we as disciples do? How is God expecting us to live a Christian life? How are we to pursue holiness without becoming fanatical? And ultimately, if the rapture is near, are we ready to go with Him when he returns.” The book is structured to define the rapture, how to walk closely with Jesus, and what signs the Bible gives. Deliberately writing in an approachable way, the book clearly gives guidelines for a Christ centered life. “It’s in such a simple form, I’ve heard from many readers that they are feeling peace about what to do and how to live a Godly life” Pastor Maryann remarks.

As an author, Pastor Maryann hopes to reach more people with the truth of God’s love for them and His purpose for their lives just as someone once did for her. Pastor Maryann began her spiritual journey at a healing service. After the birth of her second child she became very ill and in desperation found herself outside of her comfort zone on an alter with strangers praying for her recovery. Pastor Maryann details her experience of miraculous healing in her first book, Answered Prayer. Since the Lord healed her she has lived for Him. “What I went through and seeing the power of God, my husband and I wanted to share the understanding of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ through establishing a church that would teach the Word of God. I love teaching the Word. To get the Word of God out and for people to understand you can have a relationship with God without being perfect. God loves us. The heart [of the church] is to get people to know God on a personal basis.” Pastor Maryann recalls starting the church in her basement. “It was just Wayne, my two kids, parents, and a woman I met at an outlet center who said, ‘You have a church?’ She has been with us for 26 years!” From that humble beginning in 1991 Pastor Maryann and her husband Wayne have continued to grow their church, established a school of biblical study, and Pastor Maryann has written two books all for the glory of God.

After reading Why Are You Sleeping, Pastor Maryann wants people to become serious and intentional about their walk with the Lord.  Her hope and prayer is for “people to become more of what God wants them to be. God never ordained the Church to be a social club. Come back to the un-compromised Word of God.” She notes, “a lot of what we are seeing in the Church are watered down messages.  We [as Christians] can’t pull pages out of the Bible. We’re a new generation, but the Bible says Jesus is the same yesterday as today. We can’t pull out verses that we want to live and throw out the ones we don’t agree with.”

If you find yourself wondering if we are in the end of days now, and if so, what that means to your life today, then Why are You Sleeping by Maryann Berry is just the book for you. It can be found on eBay and Amazon. Visit for more information.

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