Pastor Guy Goodell: 63 Years Of Ministry And Still On Fire For Christ
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Pastor Guy Goodell: 63 Years Of Ministry And Still On Fire For Christ

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By Rick Kern Pastor Guy G. Goodell is a man with a mandate! He has pastored for decades and has preached everywhere from prisons to street corners. He has founded churches and fought for Christian education rights all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court where he emerged victorious. Goodell [...]
Candy and Robert Block
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Moving Through The Pain Of Divorce

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By Tim Bennett Candy Block, CNY resident and author of the recently published book, The Broken Road: Healing After Divorce (2017), by 5 Fold Media, said to me during our interview that her path to healing from a broken marriage was not easy. In fact, in her case, she said, [...]
Author Michael Phillips speaking in a church
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Living God’s Dream Instead Of The American Dream

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By Jennifer Lamey Have you ever felt like everything was going right, and yet life was just not fulfilling? Just Choose by Michael Phillips is a road map for Christians that want to step beyond their average life into an extraordinary life of purpose. Michael pours out his heart as [...]
The Bible Can Be Proven by Vince Latorre
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Vince Latorre: A Passionate Defender Of The Bible As The Word Of God

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By Tim Bennett Author and Christian apologist, Vince Latorre, a life-long resident of Syracuse, NY, had an inquisitive mind since he was a child. At nine he already wanted to know if God existed and how everything got here. “I grew up in an intellectual and Catholic family, but my [...]