Authors T. Castellana, P. Kleitz, M. Becker
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A New Book / DVD series: “LIFE’S BEND IN THE ROAD”

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By T. Castellana, P. Kleitz, M. Becker  (Buffalo, NY) – This 7-part DVD series is a small group study every church should have in its library! It will equip you to respond effectively with a message [...]
Author Maryann Berry
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Author Maryann Berry’s Why Are You Sleeping?

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A Spiritual Look at End Times Gives Readers a Roadmap for a Christ Centered Life By Jennifer Lamey In her second book, author Maryann Berry takes an in-depth look at the end times and what Christians should do to prepare, while still making the most of every moment. Reverend Maryann [...]
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Pastor Guy Goodell’s New Book Shows How Crises Develop Depth In The Christian

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By Rick Kern In his own inimitable way, Pastor Guy Goodell is challenging the prevailing attitude toward suffering, adversity, and crises found in American Christianity through his newest book, “Living Without Miracles.” With a peerless passion to see the hearts of believers rooted deeply in the love and will of [...]