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Does the LTC class cover basic handgun safety, or is there a separate class that someone who is new to shooting should take? There are two ways to approach this part of the process, submit a application online or download forms to mail to DPS. They did not make me feel bad at all. We have thousands of students from all across Texas. Texas License to Carry permit. This class certifies you for licensure in the State of Texas. Texas code governing the license to carry holder and regulations. Free Military offer will be limited to only ten seats per class, so book in advance. Subject to the requirements of federal firearms law, and if not otherwise ineligible, resident aliens and certain nonimmigrant aliens who are legally present in the United States may obtain the license. We always have hot coffee, Krispy Kream Doughnuts and cold bottled water free of charge for each class. Does Texas Require Me to Get a License to Carry? Learn about the Texas License to Carry process here! Yes, some advanced classes will require that you have prior education. It is your responsibility to know the Law! Chris, the instructor was very knowledgeable and never made anyone feel as if they had a dumb question. The transaction was declined. Upon successful completion of this training and submission of the application and fingerprints, DPS will issue a license to those who are legally eligible. Practice loading your magazines before the class. The card has expired. It includes the four hours of instruction as mandated by the Texas Department of Public Safety. All credit cards are accepted. Connect your Google Calendar to import events and display them on your site. Yes, you can take a private lesson and do the shooting qualification then if you need guided practice. Gary and Bill cover the material well. This website is not a substitute for formal, qualified instruction in the handling, use or storage of firearms. Requirements from Texas Depart of Public Safety Concealed handgun permit. Gun, NRA and other competitions. National Rifle Association Certified Pistol Instructor. LTC class with Curtis Van Liew, and it was absolutely amazing. Reports and statistics, and related information may be found here. Military Personnel bring DL and Military ID. LTC, and have a gun, but have questions. This is the Official Texas License to Carry Online Course. Complete the classroom material by taking an online course.

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