Christa Erario: An Author’s Journey Of Healing

Author Christa Erario

By Pat Shea

An author’s inspiration and ideas for writing a book can come from a number of places, but for Long Island author, Christa Erario, her inspiration came directly from God.” He gives me the words,” explained Erario in a recent phone interview. “God gives me the scriptures and the ideas, and I write them down.”

Erario, 77, has always been a strong woman of faith. She was born on July 5, 1941, in East Berlin, Germany, and as a child she faced a world in turmoil.

During World War II, her family was evacuated to Prussia due to the bombings in East Berlin. After the war, when they returned to their home, Erario’s family faced a new crisis. In May 1945, the “Magistrate of Greater Berlin” was created and operated by the Soviet Union until 1947, when the administration that governed Berlin broke apart.

In 1948, when Erario was just seven years old, a separate city government in East Berlin was established, and continued to call itself the “Magistrate of Greater Berlin.” The German Democratic Republic, which was established in 1949, chose East Berlin as its capital, a move that all communist countries recognized. This put tremendous pressure on East Berliners to join the Communist party. Those who didn’t wish to, tried immigrating to West Berlin, but often found railways and roadways blocked to them.

Amongst those being pressured to become a Communist was Erario’s father, an engineer for the city. “The [Communist party] wanted my father to report on other people. One evening, he got a letter telling him to go to a meeting at midnight, but [when he arrived] there was no meeting, there was nothing but an empty lot. My father knew [it wouldn’t be long before] he would be arrested.” Erario was nine at the time, the youngest of three children. She had a sister who was 19 and a brother who was 15.

Erario’s father knew his only hope was to emigrate to West Berlin. He left in secrecy, causing great confusion in Erario’s life. “The neighbors kept asking where my father was, and we covered for him. When people questioned us, we told them he was away or sick. I had to be very careful at school. I couldn’t talk or say anything about my family. One day, my best girlfriend and her whole family was gone —their house was empty. We never saw them again. Those things happened. We didn’t know where my father was. He was in West Germany, but we didn’t know that for two years.”


In troubled times, God was good

When Erario’s mother received word, her husband was in West Berlin, she knew she had to move her children across the border safely. She packed up her family and her possessions and began to make her way to the border crossing.

“God was good to my family. As we were trying to get to West Berlin, we met a man who was celebrating that he had been at his job for over 20 years,” stated Erario. “He showed my mother a watch that he was given. There we were, with our furniture and possessions and he was showing us a watch. My mother showed him our papers and he wrote a big ‘OK’ on them and signed them. He wished us good luck and we started across the border. But there was a young man, [working at the border crossing]. I think he had just gotten the job and he was [tough] like the men who [chased] the Von Trapp family in the ‘Sound of Music.’ He stared at my mother who was wearing a horsehair coat. He said my mother stole the coat, but she argued she had bought it six months before. He said if she didn’t have a receipt for the coat, he was going to arrest all of us. My mother reached inside her pocked and there was the receipt. God was very good to us.”

Erario’s family lived in West Berlin for a year, finally reuniting with her father. They knew they couldn’t stay in Germany, so plans were made to travel to America.

“My father had two brothers who went to America,” explained Erario. “They sponsored us. We had to wait [a long time] for our visas, but finally, we left from Hamburg by boat heading for America.”

In 1952, at the age of 11, Erario and her family immigrated to America. They traveled to Bayside, Queens, and stayed with family there to begin a new life.

“Eventually I went to school in College Point and later became a secretary,” said Erario. She married in 1968, and moved from Queens, New York to the Long Island town of Deer Park, where she and her husband raised three children. After the children had grown, Erario’s husband sadly passed away, but Erario’s life was far from over.


God’s healing gifts

Erario suffered from an intestinal problem since she was a young teen. As she grew older, the problems grew worse in1983 and she went with friends to a rally in New Jersey. “The Lord healed me,” explained Erario. “He told me that he was only going to heal the physical part of my illness now but would heal the root cause at a later date. My healing lasted only three years and [my illness] became much worse. My diet was limited, and I developed a sensitivity to smells which limited my life drastically.”

Erario was barely eating and would continually suffer from drug reactions ending up in the hospital several times. “In 2016, after a very bad attack, I prayed to the Lord and he gave me the root cause of my problem and a scripture passage to stand on,” stated Erario.

Slowly, Erario began healing and after four months, she was eating again. Within a few months she was totally healed “I thank God for his goodness and mercy toward us. He is so good,” exclaimed Erario.

Energized by good health, she became a member of the charismatic prayer group’s healing team at her local parish, as well as a member of an inner healing team on Long Island. It was there that she first started to write her first book, Love Notes from the Heart of God, a compilation of love notes to God’s children from God Himself. The description of the book from  offers this statement from Erario, “These love notes tell of God’s great and tender love for his people. God is pouring out his heart to his people, to anyone who will listen. These notes are a wellspring of information and healing for people’s souls and bodies.

After Love Notes from the Heart of God, was published, Erario still felt a stirring in her heart that God had more he wanted her to write. “God gave me more Scripture and gave me [information and guidance] in order to finish another book.”

Erario’s second book, The Heart of God Revealed: The Door is Always Open was released in November 2018. The book is considered by its publisher, Covenant Books, as “…a scriptural manual for the end times,” and is also based on Scripture, spiritual insights and Erario’s thoughts on healing, salvation and how to prepare for the “end times” ahead. Erario’s new book is an uplifting reminder of God’s open invitation to salvation and eternal life, as well as a life on earth lived in triumph and victory.

In the conviction that the Bible holds all the answers, Erario divides the book into three parts of biblical readings—spiritual and physical healing; love and forgiveness; and blessing.

An excerpt from The Heart of God Revealed: The Door is Always Open, book states, “This is a book of instruction and insights by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit on how to live victoriously in these end-times and gives a small glimpse of what is going to happen before Jesus’s second coming. It is also a plea from our Heavenly Father’s merciful heart to save all peoples from hell and damnation.

This is my word to my people: that they may hear and know how to live according to my word, the Bible, and know that I will be with them through all that is to come before my second coming, which is going to happen soon. How to live and act in expectation of my kingdom, which is coming down to earth more and more. My will for my people is this: that they live in me and act according to the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit and in acceptance of my great gift to all peoples, my Son, Jesus Christ. This is my plea to all peoples for their salvation: Accept my great and oh so costly gift, my Son, Jesus Christ, before it is too late. I want no one lost. Time is short. Believe and come to us. The choice is yours.”

At a time in life when many of Erario’s friends are slowing down, Erario herself has no plans to and is still full of energy and excitement. In fact, she announced proudly she is working on a third book, which is titled, Victory from Heaven. “I want to make it a three-book set,” explained Erario. And no doubt by this time next year, she will. “God’s always giving me ideas and I write them down. I guess I’m like God’s secretary,” stated Erario with a laugh.

Erario’s two books are $15.99 each and can be purchased at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.