Destiny Christian School Developing Christ-Centered Critical Thinkers

Destiny School students
Destiny School students

By Jennifer Lamey

Destiny Christian School in Brighton, NY is committed to providing a well-rounded education focused on Christ. As a Spirit-filled, non-denominational Christian school Destiny offers students from pre-K through 12th grade a sound education both academically and spiritually, equipping them for a fulfilled life.

Destiny’s rich heritage dates back to 1967 when it was known as Faith Temple Daycare and then expanding to K-12 grade as Faith Temple School in 1975. Today, under the leadership of Principal Lavonda Lofton, Destiny Christian School provides an exceptional education, a solid Christian foundation, and a number of extra-curricular opportunities in sports and the arts for students. Principal Lofton explains, “Destiny Christian School’s philosophy is based upon the Word of God. The primary objective and purpose of the school is to disciple students by equipping them for the ‘good work’ in the kingdom of God and the God ordained plan for their lives, while giving him/her a Christian world view education of excellence. Spiritual development is an important element at Destiny Christian School. We believe that a personal relationship with the Lord is essential to the emotional, physical, social and spiritual well-being of the student.”

This year there are 17 preschoolers, 88 elementary students, and 52 secondary students.  The average class size is 10 to 12 students and Destiny boasts a 100% graduation rate! “Our Academic Program provides a Classical Christian Education which uses a three-fold approach, known as the trivium, a Latin term meaning “where three roads meet”, and lays out the three stages of learning, grammar, dialectic (or logic), and rhetoric. The elementary grades enjoy memorizing facts and details, the middle school takes those facts and begins to challenge, argue, and understand how things relate, and the high school then articulates and persuades others of knowledge learned” said Principal Lofton. In addition to traditional classes such as algebra, earth science, and English, Destiny Christian School offers life skills classes such as Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace, College and Careers Prep, and Etiquette skills.

Students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities as well. Destiny Christian School is part of the Section V Sports Private and Parochial League which includes Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, and Track & Field. Soccer is offered through the Christian Sports League. And Intramural sports include basketball, fencing, and lacrosse. Private Instrumental lessons are available for piano, percussion, and guitar. Traditional clubs include yearbook, art, and drama club as well as worship ministry and debutant class.

Above all else, the school remains focused on their main goals. 1: Every child will excel to their highest potential academically. 2: Every child will learn how to pray and identify the presence of the Holy Spirit. 3: Every child will learn how to defend their faith confidently.  Principal Lofton said the vision of Destiny is “to provide a Christ-centered education that fulfills the plans and purposes of God by developing spiritually sound students who are academically prepared and able to defend their faith.”

Going into the future Principal Lofton and the faculty are excited to see more growth and more students growing in Christ.  “More than anything, I would love to see Destiny continue to develop strong students who are academically trained through the Classical Christian model approach, creating thinkers; students who have a heart for helping others and experience regular mission trips both locally and globally and students who are not ashamed to represent the Kingdom of God in any situation or circumstance socially and/or professionally” said Principal Lofton.

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