Drama Workshops Inspire Faith And Creativity In Christian Setting

(Bath, NY) – Open the door to your child’s faith and creativity this summer with Family Life Youtheatre.

The program is holding a series of five-day performing arts workshops for young people, ages 8-15, who want to explore the principle skills of acting, singing and dance. With the help of trained drama instructors, students also will develop valuable life skills, learn important Bible lessons, and make friends in an encouraging environment.

“This program is more than just a drama camp,” says Robbie Lindmark of Family Life. “It’s a combination of theatre training and spiritual training. Our teachers love what they do and set a great example of what it looks like to be a great artist and a Christian.”

This year, the workshops will culminate with a performance of “Faith News” – a mini-musical production that teaches the importance of trusting God even when life doesn’t make sense.

Set inside the Pearly Gates, two angelic news anchors, Cameron Flowers and Summer Showers, are looking for exciting stories to report. The angels look down on earth to find all kinds of people like Noah and Moses who demonstrate great faith in God. Each “news story” shares an account of a real Bible hero and is told through clever dialogue and lively songs.

“The kids really come alive from the first day of the workshop to the last,” says Lindmark. “It’s incredible to watch their creativity soar as they develop characters and participate in the whole process.”

This year, Family Life will launch 14 workshops in 13 different locations: Bath, N.Y. (June 22-28; July 8-12), Montoursville, Pa. (June 22-28), Lima, N.Y. (July 8-12), Friendship, N.Y. (July 15-19), Getzville, N.Y. (July 15-19), Towanda, Pa. (July 22-26), Auburn, N.Y. (July 22-26), Johnson City, N.Y. (July 29-August 2), Ithaca, N.Y. (July 29-August 2), Eden, N.Y. (August 5-9), Canton Pa., (August 5-9), Hamburg, N.Y. (August 12-16), Youngsville, Pa. (August 12-16).

Sessions are every morning of the workshop week, 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, with a musical performance given for friends and family on the final day of class.

Registration is $99/student and $85 for each additional sibling. Call 1.800.927.9083 or visit www.fln.org/events to register. A limit of 60 students, ages 8-15, are accepted for the workshop at each location.

 About Family Life Ministries, Inc.

Family Life Ministries is devoted to strengthening individuals and families through Christian radio broadcasting, concerts, educational and social programs, biblical counseling, and the performing arts. Headquartered in Bath, N.Y., Family Life was founded in 1957, and provides various activities and programs for youth, adults, singles and seniors.

Family Life owns a Christian radio network of 25 stations and 40 translators broadcasting in regions of New York and Pennsylvania. Established in 1983, the radio network is a listener-supported broadcaster currently reaching a potential listenership of 6 million. 

 For more information on Family Life, visit www.fln.org.