How Much Do You Value Your Family?


By Marie Grossett

Family should play a very important and positive role in our lives. But as the saying goes, familiarly breeds contempt. When we get familiar with something or someone often time we can neglect the person or thing that we are familiar with. Our family could be one of those people we start to neglect.

We could neglect them for our careers or start going out with friends more. We can go from saying negative things to thinking that our words won’t hurt them, “Oh it’s only my spouse or my children. They’ll get over it.” Wrong! Negative words have just as much of an effect on your family. It can cause hurt, pain, confusion, and cause your loved ones to distance themselves from you.

We must remember that our ministry starts from the home. We have to build up our families and spend time with them, say positive things to them. When was the last time you told your spouse how much they mean to you and how they are the best person in the world, nothing can compare to them? Or told you children that you love them and despite what they’re going through, especially in their teen years, you will always be there for them?

When was the last time you all sat around the dining table or had a family meeting? Most importantly when was the last time you prayed together?

I admit my family was falling into a trap of growing apart. I was too busy doing business, my husband was in another room watching television and the children were browsing Facebook. One evening it struck me that I don’t even talk to my husband as much as I used to. He must be feeling neglected. Also with the children, we don’t even know how they’re doing at school or what they’re going through. Everyone was busy in their own little world.

I had to put a stop to this. I called for a family meeting and I expressed my concerns. Surprisingly my husband agreed with me. We all decided that from now on, since the evenings are short and are a good time to gather together, we would spend at least three hours with each other while the rest of the time is personal time before bed time.

I decided to get up much earlier to do business so that my evenings would be freed. On weekend’s we spend much more time with each other and pray together. Now I can see that our family unit is getting much closer.
So how do you value your family? Do you value them a lot or a little? Remember that next to God the family unit is very important so don’t neglect the people who care about you or you’ll find your family being so apart that it would be harder to bring the unit back together. United we stand divided we fall!

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