“It’s A Wonderful Life” Dinner And Dessert Shows At Family Life In Bath

“It’s A Wonderful Life” Dinner And Dessert Shows At Family Life In Bath

(Bath, NY) – Family Life will give six musical performances of “It’s a Wonderful Life,” Dec. 1-3 and Dec. 7-9, as a series of dinner shows, one dessert show, and one show-only performance. Bring friends and loved ones to Family Life’s auditorium in Bath for an evening of delicious food and charming family entertainment.

Directed by Peter Maier of Family Life, “It’s a Wonderful Life” is written by Keith Ferguson with music by Bruce Greer, and is based on the classic1946 film.

“This show has been a challenge, in a good way,” says Maier. “The original movie contained many rapid and drastic set changes, so designing a set to accommodate the 28 scenes of this show is no small endeavor. We hope to show the audience not only the largest set constructed on Family Life’s stage, but also one that allows the actors to clearly tell the story without being a distraction.”

The first scene opens on Christmas Eve in Bedford Falls as George Bailey, a conflicted man with big dreams, is in dire straits as he faces undeserved business failure, financial ruin, and possible imprisonment. Thinking his wife, their young children, and others he loves are better off without him, George becomes despondent and contemplates suicide.

“Each time George makes various plans to leave the small town of Bedford Falls, something happens to keep him in place,” says Maier. “Many people can empathize with George’s frustration over a dream deferred, but God made all life precious, and that’s true even when our hope runs dry. We may not understand why we’re in the trials we’re in, but God’s plans are better than ours, and it’s often the hope of others He uses to reach us.

This we can see in the prayers of the family as they watch George hit bottom. In response, the gentle angel-in-training, Clarence, comes to earth to help George with the promise of earning his wings. See what happens when Clarence reveals to George what life would be like in Bedford Falls if he had never been born.

“At its core, this show is much more than one man’s crisis that ends in rescue,” says Maier. “The heart of this show is about frustration, sacrifice, compromise, oppression, temptation, and loss — a lifetime of it. It’s also about how such a life can be a life well lived.”

“It’s a Wonderful Life” dinner performances (Dec. 1,2, 8 and 9) and show-only performance (Dec. 7) start at various times in the evening at Family Life, located at 7634 Campbell Creek Road (off County Rte. 14) in Bath. The Dec. 3 showing is a dessert-only matinee starting at 2:30 PM. Call 1.800.927.9083 for more information or visit www.fln.org/tickets  Ticket prices range from $15 to $34.50 with group discounts available.
About Family Life Ministries, Inc.

Family Life Ministries is devoted to strengthening individuals and families through Christian radio broadcasting, concerts, educational and social programs, biblical counseling, and the performing arts. Headquartered in Bath, N.Y., Family Life was founded in 1957, and provides various activities and programs for youth, adults, singles and seniors.

 Family Life owns a Christian radio network of 23 stations and 41 translators broadcasting in regions of New York and Pennsylvania. Established in 1983, the radio network is a listener-supported broadcaster currently reaching a potential listenership of 5 million. 

 For more information on Family Life, visit www.fln.org.

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