Kingdom Bound 2019: Changed Lives, Healed Hearts

I Am They at Kingdom Bound 2019. (Photo by Alex Boutakov Photography LLC)

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By Rick Kern

I Am They at Kingdom Bound 2019. (Photo by Alex Boutakov Photography LLC)

David was a man after God’s own heart (1 Samuel 13:14), chosen by God to impact his generation with His will. Similarly, Kingdom Bound Ministries (KBM) is an organization also after His heart and has been raised up for the same reason. The group has been blessed by the Lord in such a way that even a cursory look at KBM leaves no doubt that He is pleased with their heart. And just as David’s influence upon history and the people who help frame it is still felt centuries after he fulfilled his calling, it is fair to say that Kingdom Bound’s Spirit-driven and inspiring impact has helped shape its generation — and will continue to do so until God changes their seasons.

A case in point is KBM’s latest festival which recently concluded. The attendance was phenomenal as Dave Bruno, the ministry’s Communications Director explains. “It was great,” he recounts excitedly, “we saw almost 40,000 guests over the four days. It was the second year in a row that we saw some really great growth in our attendance numbers. There were tons of people coming out and we were really pleased with it.”

Festival attendees were treated to an eclectic lineup of artists including Rebecca St. James, David Crowder, For King and Country, and Skillet.” On the speaker side,” Bruno recalls, “we had Reggie Dabbs, who’s always a huge favorite, and then Ben Stewart from Passion City Church, and Justin Kendrick from Fox Church.” Continuing he adds, “We were just really pleased with all the ministry that came from the stage — the music, speakers, we were really pleased with the ministry that just happened for four days.”

Like any ministry organization, the bottom line is all about people being reconciled to the Lord and KBM has a great organic mechanism in place for handling what turned out to be an abundant spiritual harvest. “Over the four days, we had hundreds that came forward and made decisions for Christ,” Bruno recounts, “we’re just so honored and thankful for the work God did.”

He continues, “During each of the nights of the festival, a gospel invitation is given, and guests are invited to come forward to a special ministry tent that we have marked out for them. There, we have prayer counselors, we’ve got people that they can talk to…” This portion of the work is handled by a number of volunteers from various churches in the community that have committed to serve those who come forward. Bruno adds, “During that ministry time, we give them additional resources for further follow-up and help connect them to local churches.”

Even though at this writing it has barely been a month since the festival wrapped up, Kingdom Bound Ministries is busy putting next year’s event together. “We are already hard at work on 2020,” Bruno explains. “We’ve confirmed Casting Crowns and Newsboys United as headliners for 2020, and we’ve got a few more artists we’re working on right now. We are gearing up!” Scheduled to take place next July 26 through July 29, it promises to be every bit as pleasing to the Lord and thus anointed by Him, as the event that just ended.

However, there is more to Kingdom Bound Ministries than the festival alone. In addition to their flagship event, they exist to present the gospel through a variety of art forms which include concerts and outreaches, (in addition to their annual performing arts festival). That being said, it is important to note that everything KBM does is ultimately to bring people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and encourage and equip believers in their walk with God.

And among their most impacting outreaches, is a somewhat “new kid in town” they call the “Awakened Youth Conference.” The inaugural event, characterized by powerful times of ministry, took place last February and Kingdom Bound has scheduled a follow up for this year. “We’ve got the Youth Awakened Youth Conference coming up February 14 and 15, 2020,” says Bruno. “It’s happening in downtown Buffalo at the Buffalo Grand Hotel and we’ve got Reggie Dabbs, who was just at Kingdom Bound — he is one of the keynote speakers.” He adds, “We’ve also got Northport Inside Out to lead worship. They’ve been at the festival in the past and we love them. They’re the worship band from Andy Stanley’s church in Atlanta. We’re just super pumped to have them lead us in worship during the entire youth conference.”

While Kingdom Bound Ministries has very intimate connections with a vast body of deeply blessed and prolific artists and speakers, those relationships are spiritually subsidized as a means to an end by all concerned — people drawing near to God through Jesus Christ. “At the root, yeah, there’s music and a big show, but this all about ministering,” explains Bruno. “It’s about spreading the gospel; it’s about seeing lives and hearts touched by the gospel.” Speaking of the festival he adds, “And so, each of the days… to see the ministry response, both from the main stage and then also, throughout the park and then in the other stages during the day was awesome.” Continuing he notes eagerly, “We had dozens of teens responding each morning in the high school program, just to sort of see high schoolers say, ‘Hey, I’m going to make a decision for Christ and kind of put my life on the right path here.’ It’s just incredibly powerful and just so worthwhile.”

“We saw many come to faith,” he says. “We saw lives changed, we saw hearts heal, and we’re just incredibly grateful for the work God did — we’re looking forward to 2020.”

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To learn more about KBM or purchase tickets, visit their Website located at, or, you can call them at (716) 633-1117 or (800) 461-4485.