Learning From Life With Seasons Of Time By Author John Bissessar

Pastor John J. Bissessar
Pastor John J. Bissessar

By Jennifer Lamey

In his debut book Author John Bissessar explores how God uses the seasons of our life to mold and teach us to be the people He created us to be in His kingdom. Published in March 2017, Seasons of Time: Experiencing God’s Miracle of Change in Your Life “is designed to help readers deal with the mayhem of life without missing God’s intended order” John explains.  Seasons of Time reads like a devotional that encourages readers to look at their own life experiences for the personalized lessons God is teaching them.

Looking back to where it all started John didn’t realize he was crafting the pages of Seasons of Time. He recalls, “It started off as a sermon message.” A message that was so well received by the church that John decided to continue his research and “realized I had more material than [another] sermon.” From this point John continued his research and developed his debut book.  “Writing Seasons of Time was illuminating. I realized that God was using some of the experiences I went through in life to shape my character” John said. Looking back John sees that this topic of examining what God was teaching in each season was percolating throughout his life. Growing up in the foster care system, John saw a disconnect between who people were on Sunday morning at church and the rest of the days of the week. However, that did not make him jaded, but rather encouraged him to be different. John says, “You can live one way in church and another way at home.  [But that’s not biblical] you have to be the same person in and out of church.” He saw something wrong and allowed it to teach him. He explains, “I can learn from what I’m going through. As you walk through life you can learn and grow.  God teaches you how to live for him.”

In writing Seasons of Time John’s hope was to use his experience to help others “realize God is with you whatever you go through. Bad days don’t last, even good days don’t last, but God walks you through.  There is a purpose and preparation to each season.  [Knowing this] we can avoid being discouraged and giving up.”

From this foundation John encourages readers to step away from relying on someone else’s experiences, and to take an in-depth look at their own circumstances. God wants a personal relationship with His people and one way this is accomplished is how He teaches and guides through individual life lessons. John explains, “if we would do more to learn from our own experiences we would be better off.  People learn by experience.” He encourages his readers to “look toward these [personal] experiences instead of someone else telling us how to be from their experience.” While many life lessons are relatable across a wide demographic it is important to remember that God is teaching each person unique and personal lessons. By taking his own advice John has “identified [aspects of] my heart, attitude, and behavior where God is making adjustments.” He hopes that his readers will have a similar experience as they work through Seasons of Time. That it “will minister to them and get them to think about the areas of life that God is working on” John said.

In addition to writing John serves as senior pastor of Seasonal Times Ministries, Inc. and resides in Brooklyn, NY. He is excited to ring in the new year with the opening of the Seasonal Times Ministries Church on the first Sunday of January! Seasons of Time is available through www.amazon.com iBooks and Barnes and Nobel. To learn more about John, his book Seasons of Time, and The Seasonal Times Ministries please visit www.JohnBissessar.Info.

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