Many Hands Make Light Work At Letourneau Christian Center

Letourneau Christian Center Focuses On Bringing God’s Word To Young People
Jamie and Michelle Fischer, Director of LeTourneau Christian Center.

Two new leadership positions will help the center minister

By Pat Shea

LeTourneau Christian Center, the not-for-profit camp and retreat ministry established in 1934, has gone through many changes in its 85 years. In 2015, the center became independent for the second time in its history, and is currently being stewarded by a board of directors. During that same year, Jaime Fischer was brought on as Director of the center, and continues to lead the center toward a successful future.

As Fischer prepares for the 2019 fall and winter season, he is excited by the new steps the ministry is making. In addition to remodeling and rebuilding in key areas within the facility, LeTourneau has also begun to build up their leadership team by adding two new positions; a Program Director and an Operations Manager.

“We knew we needed more help once the ministry became independent again,” explained Fischer. “The center had a small staff, and we were already stretched very thin. But the Lord gave us a lot of favor and we had a lot of volunteers helping out, but it became apparent that we needed these two positions if we wanted to continue to grow.”

Fischer began searching for candidates for both positions and has secured two new staff members on the leadership team just in time for the fall and winter programming to take off.

“We have a very busy fall schedule with groups, missionaries and pastors coming for

retreats, events for men, women and singles and banquets, lots and lots of banquets,” said Fischer. “We also have a mission to serve the church and build the Kingdom of God. The addition of these two positions will assist us tremendously in meeting our goals for the ministry.”


Program Director Jason Dailey

Everything about the new Program Director’s position at LeTourneau seemed to be created with Jason Dailey in mind. “I felt that God put a calling on my life several years ago to share my love of sports and ministry with kids, teens and college age students, as well as their families,” said Dailey. “This position [at LeTourneau] was everything I was looking for.”

Prior to accepting the position, Dailey and his wife Ginger prayed that God would lead them wherever He wanted them to serve. “We both knew we were already richly blessed with two daughters, Jensen, 6, and Alissa 12, but still we felt that God was going to lead us somewhere other than Missouri,” explained Dailey.

Dailey has a degree in recreation and sports management and although his career was moving forward in the Missouri area, he still felt a strong calling in his spirit that this was not where he was destined to stay. He continued applying for different positions across the country where he could use his gifts and passion for sports management and ministry to serve the Lord.

“I was personally looking for positions outside Southeast Missouri,” explained Dailey. “I felt led to look somewhere that was extremely different from what I knew. I continued to pray and then suddenly, God opened the door to LeTourneau so wide and so quickly that I knew it was the place we were meant to be. Jaime, [LeTourneau’s Director] and I hit it off right from the start. Everything that happened left no doubt in my mind that it was His will that I accept the position.”

Within a two-week period, Jason, his wife and their two daughters packed up their lives in Missouri and traveled across country to begin a new life on the LeTourneau campus.

Once in New York, Dailey could hardly wait to get started with creating new programs for the center. “One of the primary things we’ve adding to the center this year is archery,” stated Dailey. “We added it to the day camp first, and it’s been so well received that my hope is to set up a one-week archery camp in the future.” As he continues to settle into his new role, Dailey is also looking to strengthen and build more programs around home school families in the area.

“This fall, a lot of what we’ll be working on is built around Family Fun Day for home school families. It’s something we’re all passionate about,” explained Dailey. “As a parent, I know how important it is to raise your children with a faith foundation, and we want the home school parents to know we want to partner with them. We have a big rec facility and meeting room that can offer home school students and families a chance to fellowship. God willing, we will have even more things to offer them later in the year, as well as in the spring, such as a spring break day for home school parents and formalized PE class for the students.”

One thing Dailey hopes for one day on the center’s campus is a full-service gym. “I heard it can be pretty cold in the off season here and a gym would open up a lot of opportunities,” stated Dailey.

Additionally, Dailey and the staff are praying about starting a Saturday football clinic that will give all students a chance to learn the skills of the game, with a possible scrimmage in the future.

“There are also a lot of hiking trails around the campus and it would be great to get students outside to see all the fall colors,” said Dailey.

Fischer is looking forward to seeing how Dailey will improve everyday life at the center, as well as working with the home school students and the center’s discipleship program.

“With Jason taking over the programming, I have no doubt that we will be able to successfully answer the needs of the home school families, our retreat guests, our campers and our students,” stated Fischer.


Office Manager Shane Collins

Like Dailey, Shane Collins, 28, immediately jumped into his new position at LeTourneau and eagerly began helping the center become more organized.

“There’s a lot of organization and administration tasks that are needed to keep a facility like this running,” explained Collins. “I’ve been working with our accountants and housekeeping staff to create a working system that makes me the point person. This way all issues, questions and requests flow through me so the necessary information gets shared. So far, it’s been a learning process grasping just how the organization operates. It’s also been a learning experience on how to address and greet the guests, and quickly get any information they need. My goal is that all guests who come here have the best experience possible.”

One management project that Collins will be working on that will certainly require guests to have a great overall experience will happen in December. Collins will be getting married at LeTourneau, and the entire staff is looking forward to celebrating the event with the happy couple.

LeTourneau Christian Center operates throughout the year. The center works to share its ministry, offering its services to churches in the Rochester, Syracuse and Buffalo regions.

The center offers a children’s day camp, a summer youth program, a women’s ministry, a family ministry program, a discipleship program for youth and college-age students and a robust retreat program that includes meals, lodging and a wide range of activities.

The center is located in Rushville, along the Canandaigua Lake. For more information on LeTourneau Christian Center, visit or call 585-554-3400.