Mother’s Day – Financial Gifts For Your Adult Children

Barbara Dodge (left) with her family.
Barbara Dodge, financial advisor at Edward Jones
Barbara Dodge, financial advisor at Edward Jones

By Barbara Dodge

Mother’s Day is almost here. If you’re a mother with grown children, you might receive flowers, candy or dinner invitations. However, you might find that you enjoy the holiday more by giving, rather than receiving.

Here are a few financial gifts to consider:

First, you could contribute to your child’s IRA. You can’t contribute directly, but you can write your child a check for that purpose.

You could also give stocks. You’re probably familiar with the products your children buy, so why not give them some shares of stock in the companies that make those products?

Also, you may want to donate to a charitable organization your child supports.

Finally, to help protect the legacy you’d like to leave to your children, take steps to ensure your estate strategies are in order.

Mother’s Day is certainly a good opportunity for your children to show their love for you. And you can do the same for them by helping bolster their long-term security through financial gifts and legacy planning.

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