New Book Provides Biblical And Constitutional Defense Against The Persecution Of Christians Who Do Not Support Homosexuality

Author Elreta Dodds

(Detroit, MI) – Christian author Elreta Dodds’ latest book, “The Right to Be Christian in a Gay Rights America” (paperback) provides a biblical and constitutional defense against the persecution of Christians who do not support homosexuality and explains why their non-endorsement is a question of faith and religion, not of homophobia and bigotry. Dodds’ intent is not to castigate gays or inflame emotions, but to present a convincing argument as to why many Christians believe they cannot support the gay lifestyle.

There are Christians in America who have been persecuted (fired, sued, jailed, maligned, ridiculed, physically threatened, denied admittance into certain academic programs or expelled from them) for not supporting, approving of, or participating in the affirmation of homosexuality. Dodds emphasizes that there is a difference between tolerance and support, but that the line between the two is blurred causing many Christians who do not condone homosexuality to be unjustly accused of intolerance and discrimination.

Dodds not only presents arguments that defend the Christian faith surrounding this issue, but also discusses recent cases in which Christians have been persecuted for not compromising their biblical/religious beliefs regarding homosexuality. Cases cited include those involving cake shop business owner Jack Phillips, previous cake shop business owners Aaron and Melissa Klein, previous Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran, and previous Rowan County Kentucky court clerk Kim Davis, among others.

The LGBTQ community, in general, sees any disagreement with their lifestyle as an attack against their very personhood and humanity despite the fact that the Bible categorizes homosexual acts, along with other sexual behaviors, as sexual sin. Dodds challenges their position. Although the book is geared towards a Christian audience, Dodds expresses the hope that those in the LGBTQ community and/or those who advocate for gay rights who read her book will as a result feel prompted to rethink some things and consider allowing God to come into their lives or if they claim to know God, draw closer to Him.

While the main focus of most books on either side of this issue is whether or not homosexuality is right or wrong from a biblical standpoint, this book focuses primarily on the injustice of persecuting Christians who believe that the Bible says homosexuality is morally wrong and thus don’t condone it. The book supports the position that says it is reasonable, when taking into account the Scriptures that address homosexuality, for Christians to believe that homosexuality is immoral and that it is therefore a violation of their constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech if forced to go against this belief or if persecuted for upholding it.

“The Right to Be Christian in a Gay Rights America” is distributed nationally and internationally and is available at Barnes and Noble stores, wherever books are sold, and at online stores including Amazon. To schedule a speaking engagement or interview, see the contact information above. Review copies of the book are available upon request.

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