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Presenting Evidence At Trial

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The judge will give them a verdict form to complete, and they will then retire to the deliberation room to decide upon their verdict. ORTH AROLINA ROSECUTORANUAL ed. Only the person operating the Electronic Evidence Presenter can control the image that appears on the courtroom monitors. In stating the grounds for your objection, it is best to be as specific and concise as possible, citing the number of the applicable statute or rule if you know it, although that is not necessary. Finally, the judge will decide whether to allow the exhibit or not. You are not always the best person to judge how good a case you might have. Frequently, parties may wish to introduce evidence regarding other crimes, wrongs or acts committed by parties. Your chance of prevailing at trial may depend on the outcome of these challenges. Supreme Court of Appeals of West Virginia. Then, the court will overrule the objection. Oregon courts define scientific evidence broadly.

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