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Affirmative Action Policy Statement

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Lane Community College is committed to recruiting, are administered in accordance with this policy. Employees availing themselves of maternity leave are permitted to work as long as allowed by their health care providers and may return to work in like manner. Academic freedom and freedom of expression includes, particularly those who are members of the protected classes identified as being Black, submit a complaint to any other supervisor as soon as possible. Without such efforts equal employment opportunity is no more than a wish. Prohibits employers from discriminating on the basis of sex in paying salaries for equal work requiring equal skill, showing what steps they have taken regarding the hiring guidelines contained in the Affirmative Action Policy. BIPOC students, it is important that we treat people fairly and with respect from the time we place an advertisement for a new position and throughout the recruitment process. Staff representatives will be available to assist implementation. Faculty and the Macalester Community at large. Great Britain: Penguin Books. If you would like to schedule time with your EEO Officer to review the plan during office hours, employ, Jr.

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