Family Life Presents Comedy Shows In Four Locations

Family Life will present four comedy nights with Ken Davis and Paul Aldrich at The Chapel Crosspoint in Getzville, NY (Sept. 28); Believer’s Chapel in Cicero, NY (Sept. 29); Haverling High School in Bath, NY (Sept. 30), and Butler Community Alliance in Butler, PA (Oct. 1). Call 1.800.927.9083 for more information or visit

(Bath, NY) – Comedian Ken Davis strives for one thing in his shows: to keep audience members laughing until medical attention is necessary. Entertainer Paul Aldrich basically feels the same way – a perfect comedic duo!

Presented by Family Life, laughter will roll when these touring comedians share the spotlight for three nights of hilarious standup on Sept. 28 at The Chapel’s Crosspoint campus in Getzville, NY; Sept. 29 at Believer’s Chapel in Cicero, NY; Sept. 30 at Haverling High School in Bath, NY; and Oct. 1 at Butler Community Alliance in Butler.

The show opens with Aldrich, a man who knows his way around a guitar. His musical impressions, which fans affectionally call his “funny music,” bring out funny insights into humanity and the paradoxes of everyday life. With 25 years of live performances under his belt, Aldrich can be heard on Laugh USA Radio and Showtime. He also performs at The Improv and gives hundreds of live performances a year for churches and theaters throughout the country.

Following Aldrich’s performance will be headliner, Ken Davis. Radio listeners might know Davis for his daily two-minute radio show, “Lighten Up!” airing on Christian radio stations across the country. Davis designed the feature to brighten the day of listeners and to encourage faith in God using humor and insight. While Davis considers himself a Christian, he doesn’t label himself a “Christian comedian.”

“A Christian comedian is often interpreted as someone who tells church or religious jokes,” remarks Davis. “I don’t. I was very successful in performing at comedy clubs around the country. I tell stories about real life. I am not a Christian comedian any more than a person would call himself a Christian plumber or a Christian doctor. I’m a believer in Christ who makes my living telling people the good news, using as much humor as I possibly can.”

Ken is also a believer that comedy should promote clean, positive, uplifting humor. “What I’ve seen is that when you can keep people laughing for an hour without resorting to dark material, you stand out. I find myself being complimented by parents who want their kids to enjoy laughter without being dragged through the gutter,” Davis added.

Still, it’s Davis’ talent for weaving storytelling with his unique style of humor that has earned him recognition next to other well-known comedians. Davis has shared billing with Rosanne Barr, Tim Allen and Louie Anderson. He’s also opened for musicians Ray Charles, Ben Vereen, Judy Collins and Carol King. In addition to his radio features and his comedy routines, Davis is the author of over a dozen books, his most recent being, “Lighten Up & Live: 90 Light Hearted Devotionals to Brighten Your Day.”

General admission tickets are $15 in advance and $18 at the door. Artist Circle Tickets are $20. Purchase tickets online at or call the Family Life ticket office at 800-927-9083. Doors open at 6 PM; shows starts at 7 PM.

About Family Life Ministries, Inc.

Family Life Ministries is devoted to strengthening individuals and families through Christian radio broadcasting, concerts, educational and social programs, biblical counseling, and the performing arts. Headquartered in Bath, N.Y., Family Life was founded in 1957, and provides various activities and programs for youth, adults, singles and seniors.

 Family Life owns a Christian radio network of 23 stations and 41 translators broadcasting in regions of New York and Pennsylvania. Established in 1983, the radio network is a listener-supported broadcaster currently reaching a potential listenership of 5 million. 

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