II Timothy 2:15 School of Biblical Studies

Maryann Berry, Dean of II Timothy 2:15
Maryann Berry, Dean of II Timothy 2:15

By Jennifer Lamey

The Second Timothy 2:15 School of Biblical Studies located in Verbank, NY is focused on teaching the un-compromised Word of God to the young and established believer alike.  “Our goal is to train and equip believers for life and ministry with a Christian education that is inexpensive, powerful and effective,” says Maryann Berry, Dean of II Timothy 2:15. The traditional six-year program offers a range of courses designed to cover the biblical principles for students to live Christ-like lives.

Founded in 1997 by Reverend Wayne Berry and Dean Rev. Maryann Berry after receiving requests for more in-depth teachings from sermon topics. Pastor Maryann recalls people coming up to them and saying, “that sermon you just taught, I’d really like to know more about that.” The Berrys decided that to fully cover the topics in depth they would need more time than Sunday morning services offered and developed a collection of courses. Quickly the idea of a bible college took off and now the school has around 70 students a year.

The six year program is fully accredited by Transworld Accrediting Commission International.  Many course credits are transferable for college certification. However, the school is not to merely have students leave with an education, but rather to develop a deeper knowledge of God’s heart and a closer relationship with Jesus. With this in mind the courses are structured in such a way that personalization is easy. Students can choose their pace taking more or less classes each semester depending on their schedule. Classes are offered in traditional classroom settings or online, and for the students that don’t want to obtain credits, each class offers an “audit” option.  The audit option provides all of the knowledge without the stress of term papers and tests.

Regardless of if the course is taken as an audit, elective, or for credit, students are required to dig deep into the Word of God. At II Timothy 2:15 there is no shallow teaching, each class is an intense look at the scripture, examining the Greek and Hebrew to receive revelation of God’s Word. Once the scripture is unpacked, students are encouraged to apply their new knowledge into their daily lives. Classes include Christian Family, The Great Commission, Christian Lifestyle: Ethical and Moral Issues, A Life of Honor, Healing, and The Second Coming, to name just a few. These courses are not just for a certification, but rather to be used in service to others.  Pastor Maryann encourages students to “not close the books after their course is done, but to use their knowledge to give back to the Kingdom of God.”

The biggest benefit of a small student body is the sense of community and one-on-one attention that each student receives from instructors. The combined educational, experience, and faith of the bible school staff offers students an opportunity to grow with solid guidance. At II Timothy 2:15 no one blends into the crowd because the staff knows each student has a purpose and gifts from the Lord.

To learn more about  II Timothy 2:15 School of Biblical Studies please visit www.john316cc.org  or email 2timothy215@john316cc.org.

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