Living God’s Dream Instead Of The American Dream

Author Michael Phillips speaking in a church
Author Michael Phillips speaking in a church
Just Choose by Michael Phillips
Just Choose by Michael Phillips

By Jennifer Lamey

Have you ever felt like everything was going right, and yet life was just not fulfilling? Just Choose by Michael Phillips is a road map for Christians that want to step beyond their average life into an extraordinary life of purpose. Michael pours out his heart as he takes the reader though his personal journey with the Lord.  Just Choose “focuses on helping people understand how to live with impractical faith in a practical world.” Michael remembers, “I thought I was happy, but it wasn’t until I went All In that real life began. Millions of people know deep down inside that they aren’t quite where they’re supposed to be. They know that God has a purpose for their life, but they aren’t sure how to pursue it. The goal of the book is to help every person understand who they are, why God specifically created them, and how to live their life in response to that [calling].”

Prior to writing Just Choose, Michael was living the American dream. A successful business owner, a loving family, and actively involved in his home church, however, he still felt that something was missing from his life. In June 2012 while his family slept, Michael lay awake, “God had been stirring my heart. I was doing what I was supposed to do and it still wasn’t right. I couldn’t sleep. I began to have a conversation with God asking, ‘what’s going on? Why am I not sleeping?’” In the hours that followed, God answered Michael’s questions and gave him insight into living a truly fulfilled life through a closer walk with the Lord.

Michael’s time with God that night focused on a lifestyle change: to no longer chase after culturally defined ideas of a successful life, but rather to be “All In.”  “God is desperate for people to understand they were created for more than the American dream, but rather [for His people to] listen to His voice everyday instead of all the other influences” Michael explained.

The following day the Lord prompted Michael to exercise this new life style by giving away his truck to a stranger at a fast food restaurant. Admittedly, Michael was not eager to lose his vehicle without the assurance that another one would be readily available, he also had no idea how to navigate such a conversation with the stranger, and yet, “the words just came out. That was the beginning of me learning to listen to God’s voice in every moment of the day” Michael recalls. At the time he had no idea that his journey would be used by God to impact and encourage countless Christians.

Just Choose is Michael’s account of his own practical real life struggle of learning to choose God in every moment. Michael explains, “Every one of us can live an ‘all in’ life if we just choose to know that He loves us, and we can go to Him with anything, and listen to him.  I feel empowered to have joy, peace, and freedom because I know God has it even if I make mistakes. Believers feel pressure to do everything right. God is truly made perfect in our weakness.  All I have to do in weak moments is to just choose to put God’s will first and I am right back where I should be. It takes all the pressure off of my shoulders and gives it to God.”

Now, Michael and his family use their personal experiences and daily walk with the Lord to help other Christians draw closer to God. In addition to writing Just Choose, Michael began the All In Movement which exists to reignite and refresh the hearts of people to live ‘all in’ for Jesus Christ. Through this ministry Michael utilizes his personal and career experience as an IT industry leader to build up Christian’s and the Church body across the globe. In 2016 the All In Movement “launched the EveryChurch initiative, an effort designed to counter the destructive anti-God narrative of the enemy by giving every church and ministry in America a voice to reach its people daily,” Michael said.

That one sleepless night in 2012 when Michael cried out to the Lord for insight into his life was God’s perfect timing, to awaken a deeper faith prompting Michael to walk away from the life he knew and to go “All In” for Jesus into a life of freedom, joy, and peace in the Creator! To read his journey and be encouraged to live an “All In” lifestyle for Jesus Just Choose by Michael Phillips is available through Amazon.

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