Silver Bay YMCA Teen Center In Ticonderoga Thanksgiving Feast For Local Teens

Silver Bay YMCA Teen Center
Silver Bay YMCA Teen Center

(Silver Bay, NY) – The Silver Bay YMCA Teen Center in Ticonderoga celebrated Thanksgiving with local teens with a lesson on proper food preparation followed by a family style dinner with teens and Silver Bay YMCA staff.

According to Steve Tamm, Chief Executive Officer of Silver Bay YMCA, this is the second year that the organization has held this event.

“As part of our on-going teen program in Ticonderoga, we are looking for creative ways to teach valuable life skills to local teens in a fun, safe and wholesome environment,” stated Tamm. “This year we partnered with Mazzone Hospitality, who supplied the food for the event along with two certified chefs to teach the teens. Over 20 teens attended the event, which included all the traditional Thanksgiving dinner staples. For some of the teens, this will be the only sit-down Thanksgiving meal they will have this year, and we were glad not only to have been able to offer this meal, but also to have created a true Thanksgiving experience for them.”

Jackie Palandrani, Youth and Teen Director of Silver Bay YMCA, noted that the teens were excited and proud of their involvement in making the Thanksgiving meal. “All the kids really dove into the food preparation demonstration. Sean Willcoxon (V.P Catering, Mazzone Hospitality) led a hands-on lesson in proper turkey preparation, cutting of vegetables and all the rest. So many of the teens stated how tasty the food was and you can tell they were proud that they took part in the meal creation,” stated Palandrani.

After the Thanksgiving feast, the Silver Bay YMCA staff joined the teens in a number of activities which included pickle ball, four square, a crochet lesson and more.

The Silver Bay Teen Center is offered at no cost to the community and is 100% funded by generous donations, most of which come from outside the local area. Please consider supporting our program through a tax deductible contribution. Please contact the Silver Bay YMCA Development Director, Nick Rama at 518.543.8510 and make a donation today

About Silver Bay YMCA Teen Center – Ticonderoga

Silver Bay YMCA Teen Center in Ticonderoga serving grades 6th-12th, this program brings after school and weekend tutoring and recreational activities to teens that use the center without any fees. During the in the 2017 – 2018 school year, the program had approximately 165 members, which in context of the local school population is ~ 55% of the students. Average daily attendance is 30-50 students with monthly attendance ranging from 800-1,100 students. This program currently costs Silver Bay ~$150,000 per year and $24,000 of the budget is paid directly to the town of Ticonderoga for the use of 1st floor of the Ticonderoga Armory. Beyond the daily offerings, this program provides special events, including a “New Year’s Eve Lock-In” which provides a safe and wholesome place for teens on an important night of the year where unhealthy behaviors are too readily available. The teen center is also made available to other community groups at no cost for activities that include Senior Citizen recreational activities and community youth team sport training and practice.

About Silver Bay YMCA

Silver Bay YMCA was founded in 1902 and is located in Silver Bay, NY, just minutes south of Hague, NY. Its 700 acre campus along one mile of Lake George shoreline offers a wide breadth of programs for all ages. Silver Bay YMCA presently employs 45 full-time staff members with a seasonal staff of 200. Silver Bay YMCA is consistently ranked one of the top ten family reunion sites in the country and is on the National Register of Historic Places with the U.S. Department of the Interior.

 As a mission based charity, Silver Bay YMCA offers outreach programs in addition to its core activities as a premier conference and family retreat center. Those activities include:

Silver Bay YMCA Teen Center in Ticonderoga (Free access for local teens) Open Pathways (Access to Silver Bay YMCA for the underprivileged) Youth and Government Program (covering Queensbury to Ticonderoga) Cancer Respite Program (Free respite for local cancer patients)

Military R and R Program (Free getaway for recently deployed veterans and their families).

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