Southern Gospel NY Closing Out 2017 And Looking Forward To A Great 2018

Bob and Joyce Spamer, founders of Southern Gospel NY.
Bob and Joyce Spamer, founders of Southern Gospel NY.

By Joyce Spamer

As another year comes to a close Bob and Joyce Spamer want to thank the Lord for all he has done for them and Southern Gospel NY.

Bob and Joyce Spamer started 2017 with a Dinner/ Concert with one of Canada’s most loved group called “Heading Home” and ended the year with a Christmas Concert with “The Needhams” who were born and raised in the Leroy/ Batavia area.  At each event people have been blessed and have written to them and said that they were at the right place at the right time and needed the blessing that they had received by attending the Concert or Dinner/ Concert.

Bob and Joyce Spamer started Southern Gospel NY in 2011 and are now holding at least 8 events a year. In 2018, they are looking forward to holding 2 Dinner/Concerts, their 1st Annual Southern Gospel Picnic and about 4 Concerts. They are also working on bringing to Rochester the Gerald Wolfe and Greater Vision “Hymn Sing.” In 2016 they held the first Hymn Sing in Buffalo and have received many emails wanting them to bring it to Rochester and it looks like this will be happening in May of 2018.

After attending the National Quartet Convention for the last 7 years, Bob and Joyce Spamer have met and become close friends with many Gospel Groups. Their goal is to bring in groups that sing about their love for the Lord and about how Great our God is. Have you ever watched the Bill Gaither Home Coming Concerts or heard Paul Heil’s Gospel Greats? If you have, you will know some of the groups that The Spamers have brought in, and the types of music they are promoting.

Many churches are opening their doors and allowing these Gospel groups to come in and be a blessing to so many.  Bob and Joyce Spamer would like to thank the following churches for opening their doors for their ministry: United Free Methodist Church of North Chili, Cornerstone Bible Church in Rochester, Park Ridge Free Methodist Church in Greece, Grace Church of the Nazarene in North Chili and Seventh Day Adventist Church in Irondequoit. We need to bring together people of all dominations as we all serve the same Great God.

The mission statement for Southern Gospel NY is: Bringing Christians together to hear Southern Gospel Music and testimonies that will encourage them to spread the Word of God to the lost.

Their Values are: We believe Southern Gospel Music is preaching thru song. It lifts up the Lord and will bring people closer to our Lord and Savior.

Their Priorities are: Spread the Word of God. Lift up the Lord. Encourage people of all denominations to join together to worship and praise God. Present the Word of God thru Song and prepare others for the coming of the Lord.

As 2018 approaches, Bob and Joyce Spamer are excited about the events they will be holding. Below is a list of events and they look forward to meeting new people and encourage those that have been to their events to invite their friends or family members to come with them.

April 7th – Dinner/Concert with The Lore Family; June 7th – Jason Runnels; July 6th – 4th One Quartet in Concert; August 4th – 1st Annual Picnic – The Torchmen, Final Harvest; September 8th – The Woodsmen Quartet in Concert; October 20th – Dinner/Concert with The Hyssongs Family and December 8th Gloryway Quartet.

The Big Even that is in the works is Gerald Wolfe /Greater Vision  “Hymn Sing.” Plans are in the works for May 19th to hold the Biggest Hymn in Hilton, NY. It will be held at First Bible Baptist Church 990 Manitou Road Hilton, NY 14468.

If you would like more information you can check out the Web site for Southern Gospel NY which is There you can click on the page for Groups, and you can then click on a group and go to their web site and hear them. You can also send them an email at and they can send you information or feel free to call 585-329-3840.

If you have a church and would like to hold an event, please feel free to contact Bob and Joyce Spamer at the phone number listed above.

And for those who have been to an event, we encourage you to invite your friends and family members to come with you and enjoy the testimonies and music.

God is Good and we thank him for all he has done and for all he will be doing for Southern Gospel NY in 2018.

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