The Fresh Start Church Trusts And Teaches The Infallible Word Of God

Fresh Start Church Back to School Bananza
Fresh Start Church Back to School Bananza
Pastors Mr. amd Mrs. Matt Sassano
Pastors Mr. amd Mrs Matt Sassano

By Jennifer Lamey

The Fresh Start Church, located in Hornell, NY, is a non-denominational, Charismatic/Pentecostal church believing in the Holy Spirit’s power to move upon people, change their lives and offer a new beginning. They trust and teach the infallible Word of God.

The church was founded in 2012 by Pastors Matthew and Jeanette Sassano. Previously the Sassanos are from New York City/Long Island Region. Pastor Sassano has ministered in Argentina, India, Africa, and the Dominican Republic. Now, settled in New York State, the Sassanos serve the Hornell, NY community through the Fresh Start Church (FSC) and outreach ministry. Pastor Sassano felt, “called to the city [of Hornell].” Pastors Matthew and Jeanette Sassano have a wonderful leadership team at the Fresh Start Church. The Elders and Trustees “guide and direct the church, providing accountability and oversight to those who serve Fresh Start Church in their respective roles.” Reverend Darlin Spicer serves as the Associate Pastor/Prophet at FSC. Pastor Dar “serves regularly in the area of prophecy, ministering hope, encouragement, life and speaks God’s divine destiny into the lives of people. Her prophetic gift is done with integrity, accuracy, clarity and accountability.” The FSC’s worship team is directed by DiAnza Macool. “Her passion for God’s presence and her desire to see God’s people enter into that presence is evident, not only in the way she leads worship, but in the way she sings and ministers as a true prophetic Psalmist.  … DiAnza (and the team) also minister at camps, conferences, benefits, and churches.”

Since its beginning in 2012, the church has already outgrown two buildings, “God’s been good to us, we’re already in our third location.  [Currently] we’re looking for a church building to buy” Pastor Sassano said.  Not owning their own building, especially the use of a kitchen, limits the amount and kind of outreach the FSC is able to accomplish. However, the leadership team is quick to think outside of the box and find ways to reach the community even without the resources of their own church building. They wanted to have a turkey dinner for the community, however, without a kitchen the Church members creativity decided to give out frozen turkeys and all of the fixings for families to take home and bake. This event was a great success, and the FSC looks forward to continuing to work within their circumstances until they are able to host a Food Program Ministry at their new location.

During the Hornell community yard sale, the Fresh Start Church holds a “yard sale” where all of the items are given away instead of accepting cash. This small act of generosity speaks volumes of Christ’s abundant love for all of His people.

Prior to the start of the school year, the FSC accepts donations of school supplies and fills backpacks that are given away to school aged children in the community. Last year they gave away 500 filled backpacks! This year the “Back to School Bonanza” was held in August and included games, hotdogs, music, face-painting, and family fun. The Church is excited to see this ministry grow in the future.

In addition to these annual outreach ministry events. The Fresh Start Church offers a number of day-to-day discipleship programs. Ages 13 through 25 have a special program called “The Bridge” which is lead by Al and Kim Campbell. The Campbells “have a wealth of experience with young adults as well as youth. Their zeal, passion, and density to the Holy Spirit is a breath of fresh air.”  The Bridge meets on the 3rd Saturday night of each month. The activities change regularly but often include events to evangelize to youth in the area.

They also have a Men’s Ministry and a Women’s Ministry that meets on the first Friday of each month at 7pm. These gatherings include teenagers that would like to join. Providing them with an opportunity to be loved and encouraged by Godly role models.

Wednesday Nights FSC hosts Life Groups at 7pm. These are times to “learn, interact, talk, support, and add to the lives of one another.” The last Wednesday of each month the life groups pray for the region and one another.

Sunday Services are at 10:30am and include a K.I.D.S. Church (Kids In Devine Service) and Nursey.

The Fresh Start Church is excited to continue encouraging and loving the Hornell, NY communuty. If you would like to learn more and get connect to the FSC please visit their website at

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