‘Twas A While After Christmas

Rochester Area Right to Life

By Anne LeBlanc

And all through the house, you could see the remnants of the festivities. Scraps of wrapping paper stuck between the cushions of the couch. People still laughing at the memory of Uncle Jim walking through the front door with that enormous cake. (Is that a chocolate smear on the door jamb?) And people smiling at Aunt Sally’s teaching the youngest kids a ridiculous song about dirty socks. If the tree is artificial, it may still be up. If it was real, it has long since been deemed a fire hazard and has been put outside.

Life is getting back to normal.

“Normal” can mean that before Christmas some people were struggling for daily survival. Maybe they got some special food baskets for Christmas, but now they’re back to their daily struggle to make ends meet.

An elderly, homebound woman got lots of Christmas cards, gifts, and even visits for a while. But now the doorbell is silent.

A young single mother was working extra hours to support herself and her toddler. She is still working the extra hours and she’s tired.

An abortion-minded high school senior had made an appointment for an abortion. But now she’s not sure. Is there a way we can help her choose life for both of them?

We really do know that the needs around us, the ones that concerned us before Christmas, are still there. We were investing ourselves in the alleviation of those problems before, and we’ve probably already picked up the reins again. The “To Do” list is growing. Are we starting to complain?

This year, at Thanksgiving, I made myself a “gratitude” notebook. Over time, I’m going to write a very long list of things I’m grateful for. It won’t change the things I might want to complain about, but it just might make me so aware of all my blessings I won’t even think to complain.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Grateful and Fruitful New Year!

If we can be of assistance on a pro-life issue, including providing referrals for help for women with problem pregnancies, please contact Rochester Area Right to Life by mail at our office 675 Ling Road, Suite 3, Rochester, NY 14612 or by e-mail at RARTL@righttoliferoch.org or by phone (585) 621-4690. You are welcome to visit our website www.righttoliferoch.org.

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